Athirappally Waterfalls
Athirappally Waterfalls is a popular picnic spot. This is located 78 kms from Kochi (Cochin). Athirappally Waterfalls is about 80ft. high and located in the forest area. Vazhachal is part of the Chalakkudy River. A small walk for a few minutes and pinnacle of the falls are able to be seen. The charisma and clairvoyance of the place is attractive. The regal falls, give way to gravity with a force that is inexpressible in words.
Thrissur Pooram
Thrissur Pooram festival is the most prominently colorful and famous festival of Kerala. The festival has get its name from the city of Thrissur, which factually means 'a group or a meeting'. It is a trust among the people of Kerala that each year the gods and goddesses of the neighboring province meet each other for a day of festival.