Kumarakom is the famous backwater tourist destination in Kerala is located about 12 kms from Kottayam. The natural friendliness of the Kerala is most excellent extracted through a luxurious cruise the backwaters of Virgin Kerala villages. Kumarakom is also considered to be the gateway to the famous backwaters of Kuttanad. Kumarakom enjoys a well balanced climate. The temperature ranges between 16 to 37 degree Celsius. There is always a cool, fresh breeze, which makes smooth the warmest weather readily agreeable. The good time to visit Kumarakom is from November to March.
Vaikom Mahadeva Temple
Vaikom Mahadeva Temple is very famous and one of the oldest temples in Kerala and it dedicated to Lord Siva. The utsavam in this temple is celebrated for twelve days throughout the dark lunar fortnight of Vrischikam, (November-December) the Ashtami falling on the last day. During the night on the Ashtami day the deities of the neighbouring temples will be ceremoniously brought in March to this temple. This is a very colorful and significant function.
Poonjar Palace
Poonjar Palace has beautifully conserved the past which is currently exhibited through the grand chandeliers, Nataraja sculptures and military equipments etc. The main attraction however is the Chituvilakku (rock cut lamps) the only of its type laid out in a row which is regarded as rarest of rare in Kerala.
Vennimala is situated nearly 15 km from the Kottayam town and can be assessed easily through the Kottayam- Kumili road. The major attractions at Vennimala are its age old Lord Sreerama and Lekshmana temple. It is believed that Lord Rama and Lakshmana during their period of deportation visited this hillside. At that time plural sages meditated in the caves of Vennimala. Upon the request of the sages Lakshmana killed a lot of demons that were a threat and nuisance to the sages.
Aruvikachal is one of the highest waterfalls in Kerala gushing down from a height of 235 feet. This is situated in Poonjar Thekkekara village and can be accessed from Erattupetta. This area is famous for its traditional honey collection activities. Almost 40 families in the Panchayat are engaged in honey collection and 30 families are engaged in the skill of making honey jars from coconut shells, making Patampuzha a honey village.
Elaveezhalpoonchira is one of most attractive natural beautiful valleys in kottyam, spread over thousands of acres in Melukavu village. Elaveezhapoonchira means valley where leaves don't drop and is named so because the place has no trees. The place is surrounded by three enchanting hillocks: Mankunnu, Kodayathoormal and Thonippara, making the place suitable for trekking. This is one of the best places in Kerala to witness the sunrise and sunset.
Alapra is surrounded by abounding forests. Alapra is situated 45 km from Kottayam. It is situated 5 km from Manimala Junction and 10 km from the well known pilgrim destination of Erumeli. The single feature of Alapra is the small temple in the forest. The Thacharickal Bhagavathi temple is the place in Kottayam district where the folk art of Padayani is performed.