Art & Culture
Kathakali art form is performed by both men and women wearing costumes and head gear who use their whole body to tell a story from Indian legends. It takes almost 15 years of rigorous guidance to master this art.
This is a dance form said to have originated in Kerala. It is strongly related to Bharathanatyam of Tamil Nadu, which was formerly called 'Dasiyattam'. Originated as the temple dance performed by Devadasis, it portrays womanly love in its myriad forms - carnal, devotional and maternal- with tone of voice more on Lasya and Bhava.
A traditional art form is social lampoon at its best and the costume and head gear add to the character of the performer. Thullal is generally performed during temple festivals.
This is a dance characteristic to Kerala performed by women for endless marital bliss; on the Thiruvathira asterism in the Malayalam month of Dhanu.It is observed as an occasion to celebrate womanhood. Only girls and women present this.